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Rewards Just Got Smarter

Introducing GiFT (Coming Soon)

GiFT is a fintech platform that manages the entire reward lifecycle, significantly reducing cost and operational requirements.  Brands, retailers, and agencies can create, manage, and distribute rewards in real time on a targeted basis.  

Save Money

  • Cut out the middleman

  • Cut out the waste

  • Cut out the overhead

  • Eliminate fraud

Intermediaries, such as clearinghouses, are removed saving GiFT stakeholders time and money.

GiFT incorporates artificial intelligence to automate many of the tasks involved in the reward lifecycle.  This includes tasks such as:

  • Generating rewards

  • Targeting rewards to specific audiences

  • Tracking redemptions of rewards

  • Reconciling reward spending

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Benefits for Retailers
Effortless Rewards Curation, Redemption and Full Settlement upon Checkout

GiFT enables retailers to minimize administrative time and costs for rewards.


Rewards are instantly settled between retailer and brand on redemption, eliminating the need for retailers to audit, invoice and collect discounts from brands.


Retailers generate an incremental net profit for each redeemed reward. 


Retailers can scale rewards to 100% of store inventory.

Benefits for Shoppers
Shoppers Can
Buy More for Less

Shoppers are continuously surprised and delighted by rewards through shopping.


Using the GiFT app, rewards are automatically redeemed at the point-of-sale, including at brick-and-mortar stores, with no effort from the cashier.


Cash back rewards are instantly distributed - no need to mail a receipt, or give personal or bank information.

Benefits for Brands
GiFT: A New Way for Brands to Interact with Shoppers

With GiFT, brands can create and curate rewards in a fraction of the time and the cost of current processes.


Brands gain full, real-time control of rewards, budgets, and settlements.


GiFT allows brands to control and dictate precise distribution, in any format or media worldwide.


Brands can reach their target audience with greater precision and efficiency.

GiFT Solution
AI + Blockchain

The GiFT chain is a Web 3.0 rewards platform using the best of breed blockchain and AI solutions.


With the latest advancements in artificial intelligence tethered to the GiFT chain, GiFT has revolutionized the rewards ecosystem. 

  • Web 3.0 provides transparency and trust

  • Next generation AI simplifies CMS and targeting

Blockchain Developer
Our Team

We are a diverse team with extensive experience across retail, mobile, technology, food service and marketing. Since 2018, we have executed "firsts" in blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Copyright Greenfence Consumer LLC, DBA GiFT, 2023


410 S. Rampart Blvd.

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Las Vegas, NV 89145


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